Oklahoma City's Monument was formed in 1993 by Chad/bass, Sean/guitar and Kevin/drums. In March 1995, the band recorded their first demo entitled "Dust" with vocalist Jim Davis and guitarist Parker Brown. Having a progressive feel the album contains 6 songs (32 minutes) and continues to receive good reviews and comments. Parker Brown left the band in late 1995 and in 1996, Jim Davis moved away from Oklahoma City and was replaced by Chad's brother Kirk. In August 1998, The band recorded their first full-length album entitled "Resting Place". The CD contains 10 tracks + 1 hidden and is 59 minutes in length. "Resting Place" has been featured and reviewed by major magazines, webzines and music critics all over the world and is distributed by several different outlets in the USA, Europe and Australia. 
In November 2000, Monument released their much-anticipated third album "The Millennial Death of God". The CD contains 10 tracks (46 minutes) including a cover of Overkill's "Spiritual Void" and is the band's most ambitious album to date. 
In July 2002, Monument performed at the 16th annual Milwaukee Metalfest.  
Monument is currently writing material for their next release and playing shows both locally and regionally.


5 String Warwick Thumb Series 
5 String Ibanez Soundgear
4 String Ibanez Soundgear
D'Addario Prism Ultra Bright Strings (.045-1.30 gauge) 
Dunlop strap locks 
Ampeg SVT-5 Pro 1350 watt head, Ampeg B4R 1000 watt head, Peavey CS-1000 power amp, 6 space SKB rack, Rackrider Power Distributor, Korg DT-Pro tuner, Samson Stage 33 UHF wireless, SKB PS-25 Pedalboard, Dunlop Crybaby Wah Pedal, Speakon cables, Ampeg 8x10 cab, Peavey Subcompact 18 cabs(2) 
Forbidden(rip), Fates Warning, Nevermore, Black Sabbath 
Slayer, Solitude Aeturnus, Iron Maiden 
Steve Harris--Iron Maiden, Geezer Butler-- Black Sabbath 
David Harbour-from David T. Chastain projects 

5 piece Ddrum Dominion Ash 
Sabian cymbals 
Axis Ax2 double bass pedals 
Alesis Dm5 drum module 
ddrum triggers 
Dauz drum pads 
Promark sticks 
Nevermore, Slayer, Arch Enemy, Testament, Flotsam and Jetsam, Overkill. 
Van Williams, Tim Yeung, Paul Bostaph, Daniel Erlandsson, Dave Lombardo, Justine √Čthier

Ibanez S470dx
Ibanez S470dxqm
Ibanez S7320
Charvel Model 1
Washburn WD7SCEATBD Acoustic
Seymour Duncan Pickups, D'Addario Strings
Kemper Power Rack, XS Pro Rack, Furman power conditioner, Nady 802 UHF wireless, Peavey 4x12 cabs w/Sheffield speakers
Nevermore, Conquering Dystopia, Solitude Aeturnus, Forbidden, Slayer, Fates Warning,  Queensryche, Dream Theater, Flotsam & Jetsam, Testament, Savatage, Iron Maiden,etc. 
Jeff Loomis-Solo/Nevermore/Conquering Dystopia/Arch Enemy, Keith Merrow-Solo/Conquering Dystopia, John Perez & Edgar Rivera-Solitude Aeturnus, Craig Locicero-Forbidden, Eric Peterson-Testament, Jim Matheos-Fates Warning, James Murphy-Testament/Obituary/Death/Disincarnate/solo, Ron Jarzombek-Watchtower/Spastic Ink/Solo