Resting Place
All songs copyright ©1998 Monument 

1. In the Name 
Begging at the gates of Eden 
locked out of paradise 
punished for the pleasures of my life 
to give and take is a life of a sinful man 
justification of tormented souls. 
Bow your head and turn from the darkness 
bow your head and breed your guilt 
buying your way into the kingdom 
you search for immortality 
pretentious use of the others 
you feed off the weak and lame 
you are the sheep of the flock 
hiding your wolves teeth 
See that being in the mirror 
stare into a fool's eyes 
slaves of servitude 
once we chase the rainbow 
Chase the words of the mortal prophet 
and fall into despair 
lead off a cliff by the madness 
you search for serenity 
walking through life with blinders 
is your claim to faith 
dreaming that fox-hole prayers 
can pull you from the gates of hell 
All in the name 
All in the name 
Your sun sleeps in the darkness 
and ask the questions why 
Gray moon rises with your doubts 
as you pray to the night 
your hand clutching for dollars 
all in the name of God 
calling out your power the pulpit 
you judge, then sell 
Burning cross falls 
eyes filled with greed 
betrayed sorrow 
your savior screams 
At the edge of a decision 
you look for guidance 
your mind weakened by crutches 
you fall into the darkness 
music-S.Kelly lyrics-K.Callaway,C.Callaway 
2. Hopeless 
Desperate ambition 
draining prosperity 
transparent apparition 
trying to undo me 
unraveling, undaughnting 
violate the sanctity 
strangling, drowning 
breaking the unity 
clinging to mediocrity 
the only enemy is change 
Collision course 
bent on destruction 
deadly force  
follow instructions 
targeting, zeroing 
kill with technology 
engaging and caging 
victims of society 
Radical intervention 
big brothers eye 
global connection 
live electronic lives 
surfing, searching 
information supreme 
connecting and learning 
that we're all the same 
music & lyrics-S.Kelly 
Bathing in crimson rain 
Basking in the pain I create 
To truely feel alive 
To crave the world I despise 
Breathe all the unpleasantness 
I feed my need for distress 
I truely feel alive 
I reach for paradise 
Building a wall around me 
stored away like a guarded memory 
A forgotten pawn am I 
A slave to paradise 
Try to find the anger I need 
A faceless enemy I must defeat 
To truely feel alive 
In a state of unrest I thrive  
The fortunes of war I caress 
The business of governing death 
I truely feel Alive 
In battle I find release 
I'm a puppet that lost it's strings 
I will never die 
I'm lost in paradise. 
music & lyrics-S.Kelly 
4. The Game 
Standing frozen alone I fall onto the game board 
push me through, pull my strings and kick me when I'm down 
I try to run, I have no will, I am man no more 
alone in the darkness, searching for the lies 
You take from me my dreams 
you take from me my life 
all that I cannot be 
is all that you've taken from me 
Kneeling alone on a curb I raise my head to gasp 
light reflects off the beads of broken glass 
feeling limbs begin to give, I hit the ground 
you're there in the darkness, destroying my life 
You can't take my anger, you can't take my drive 
you can't take my desire, you can't take my pride 
I will find you in the darkness and make my final stand 
I will take you by the throat and drive you in the ground 
Beading sweat rolls off my brow beating on the ground 
digging into the asphalt blood all around 
spitting out the taste of dirt and laughing out loud 
alone in the darkness stomping out the lies 
I can see you standing there, eyes wrapped in fear 
the dry air burns your throat, as you turn and wonder 
if I'll be there 
Running forward alone I jump from the game board 
push you through, pull your strings and kick you when your down 
reaching for a glimpse to grasp, I pass by 
you're there in the darkness searching for the lies 
music-S.Kelly lyrics-K.Callaway 
5. Reflections 
The last words I heard you say 
were ringing in my ears 
as they lowered you to the ground 
there is no truth to be found 
I can love no one 
I can feel no god. 
Feel the lines growing in my face 
feel the darkness erase 
all that I am 
and all that I could be 
has fallen at my feet before me 
I curse the ones that took your soul 
crumbling, I see my world 
Look to the moon 
questions unanswered 
my life has become 
chaos and torture 
head placed in my hands 
reflections unanswered 
where has my faith gone 
dancing into the fire. 
Lay you to rest before me 
clinging to this life I bleed 
deliverance from what I've become 
the swirling madness I left undone 
I laugh in the face of the ancient ones 
I pass on to the other world. 
Fall into the blackness 
I can see it standing there 
eyes of fire through a shroud of darkness 
my life engulfed in fear 
running from the blackness 
pushing towards nowhere 
I can't believe in anything 
without you standing here. 
Searching through 
the realms of my mind 
I can find no truth 
I can feel the answers fading 
o'God, what will I do 
the eyes of fire growing stronger 
burning through my mask 
mirrors reflect nothingness 
the end has come to pass. 
I can feel the darkness 
all around me 
And I can feel the nothingness 
bring the end to come to pass. 
music-S.Kelly lyrics-K. Callaway,C. Callaway  
6. Mortal Divinity 
Born of flames and rotting womb 
buried alive in a childhood tomb 
awakened from a mortal conscience 
rancid, wretched, screaming carcass 
once a caring thoughtful soul 
the truth a sobering blow 
they attempt to scrape it from his lobe 
only leaving the doorway open 
Mortal divinity 
eternal insanity 
divine hypocracy 
a human deity 
Rabid dogs scratch and tear 
rip the flesh and expose the fear 
rape the innocense, expel the child 
force away that naive smile 
degradation, suffocation, cleasned by love 
they show him he's no better than anyone 
radical exteme machine, fueled by society 
to prove that he's no god. 
He know's the secret in his mind 
he feels the power come to life 
he'll blow the horn to summon the end 
a divine mortal among men. 
music and lyrics-S.Kelly 
7. Judgement 
I feel the rising of the storm 
all life it will consume 
I feel the touch of God's hand 
embrace the burning moon 
and the meek shall burn too. 
Lie awake inside your tomb 
the darkness will come for you 
no place to run and hide 
when it's time for you to die. 
I watch the others fade 
bleeding acid rain 
I watch them all weep 
blinded by the pain 
leading them to uncertain boundaries. 
I chase forbidden themes 
encased in hopeless dreams 
I take what isn't mine 
the weak I victimize 
and fools I leave behind. 
I choose to dominate 
and force them all to hate 
I force my will on you 
there's nothing you can do 
we will all burn soon 
I have seen within the storm 
hollow to the core 
I have stepped into the eye 
where forever I reside 
you won't be far behind 
I see the rising of the sun 
and time stands still 
I felt the hand of God 
and darkness will ensue 
judgement is absolute 
end chorus 
Lie awake inside my tomb 
darkness will come for me 
no place for me to hide 
when it's time for me to die 
music and lyrics-S.Kelly 
8. Lies 
Spent the night alone 
nowhere to sleep or stay 
can't remember what was said 
there was nothing left to say 
Why must you lie when you have all you want 
do you want to go on? 
Can't always lie, you know the line's too long 
you have to go on 
My darkest fears are coming true 
it's time to take the blame 
subconciously I always needed 
the trouble and the pain 
you said funny how your on the team  
but you never make a play 
I said selfish is a lonely word  
to me it's just your name 
Why must you lie when you have all you want 
do you want to go on? 
can't always hide, you know the line's too long 
you have to go on 
Why do you hide when you have all you want 
do you want to go on? 
can't always lie, you know that life's too long 
you'll have to move on 
My sanity is wearing thin 
my mind wanders away 
feeling like a stranger 
I don't think that I can stay 
bottled up inside of me 
is this thing I cannot shake 
I know that I've lost control 
of the things that I embrace 
Make the change, take the chance thats given you 
you might find there's nothing to fear at all 
I only hope, that you can survive without me 
then maybe we can go on our own way 
music-S.Kelly lyrics-J.Davis 
9. Eyes of Sorrow 
Through the eyes of wonder I see 
though I cannot flee the sin in my way 
entombed in darkness for my gift 
my mind in peril strains my sanity 
if I could see evil with my hands 
and feel pain with my eyes 
I'd consume the knowledge that I crave 
and break through the disguise 
Through the eyes of sorrow I see 
wade through the rays and the 
flesh of the life giving spirits 
have I been crucified 
will God save me from this pain? 
my rotting pupils gaze on death 
they cannot fix on the life they breathe 
taste the spoils of my disease 
Through the eyes of sorrow I feel 
sickness and death following me 
through the eyes of wonder I fear 
my conscience will never be clear 
In the iniquities of pain 
lie the darkness for me 
I cannot see the error of my ways 
I cannot see the suffering 
absent are the eyes 
that worship life 
in their place resides 
the emptiness 
music-S.Kelly lyrics-K.Courtney,S.Kelly,C.Callaway 
10Resting Place 
I look to the night 
and it is in her beauty that I am lost 
lost in the questions that burn deep 
in the eyes of the universe 
what began it all? has there always been dust? 
and is not what always that has been, God? 
is God dust? 
My answers lie beyond this existence 
transcendence is a matter of time 
and time with no matter 
my fear of death, my quest for immortality 
my hope for God, the dream of my resting place 
is what holds me to this night 
through the approaching chaos of the eighth day 
I still wonder. 
As I watch the encroaching blackness and lunar crimson 
I wonder if God knows me as I know myself 
as the flames consume the soil 
I'm swallowed by the nothingness of purgatory. 
music-S.Kelly lyrics-K.Callaway,S.Kelly